Logistics is an important success factor for all companies and this is something that has been given increasingly more attention in recent years. When it comes to logistics, Borås, which is Gina Tricot's home town, is unique. With several hundred years of experience in trading, and as a long-established centre for post-order companies, a great deal of expertise exists here when it comes to efficient logistics.


"The correlation between logistics and sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant," says Petri Ventelä, Head of Logistics at Gina Tricot. "In fact, the beauty of it is that this is an area where sustainability actually improves profitability. Smart choices for the means of transportation and well organized warehouse operations contribute to efficient utilization of all our resources."


For a fashion company, time is not just money. In fact, a prerequisite for working in the fashion industry is being able to deliver the right product at exactly the right time. Given the long supply chains in the clothing industry, logistics becomes a business-critical activity. "Improving the precision of delivery is something we are continually working on," explains Petri Ventelä. "We can always improve and that's why working with logistics is so much fun. Measurable improvements is something that always gives a real kick!"