From leftovers to fashion. It all began in an apartment in Paris. That’s where Siri Vikman’s vision of creating a company that empowers women while conserving the earth’s resources first started to take shape. Based on the motto of “Empowering women through style”, Siri went from dream to reality by creating the fashion brand, Aéryne, which she and her team run from their design studio in Paris. And now, we’re proud to announce the launch of our exclusive collaboration, Aéryne X Gina Tricot. The limited collection consists of newly designed, unique items made from leftover fabrics. It’s a celebration of female empowerment and a more sustainable fashion future.

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Siri Vikman, founder of Aéryne sketched out a new collection, with a focus on circularity, which Gina Tricot has taken to its factories to bring the concepts to life. The entire collection has been made from handpicked leftover fabrics. Having solely relied on existing materials, nothing new has thus been produced. Production is on a small scale, since the number of garments that could be created has depended on the amount of leftover fabric for each particular item. The initiative has resulted in a more sustainably designed collection containing unique looks like classic suits, knitted sweaters and dresses that will be wardrobe favourites for years to come. The items also feature a lovely symbol designed for female strength, visible in both print and as shimmering jewellery. 

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From Swedish textile town to French fashion-mecca, Siri Vikman proved that no dreams were too big when she left Borås and moved to Paris to embark on her career as a designer and establish her own brand. Since 2014, she has been running the successful clothing brand, Aéryne. Now, Siri is breaking new ground as designer and campaign face for the collaboration, Aéryne X Gina Tricot. Here, she tells more about inspiration for the collection and some of her favourite items in it.

When did you first become interested in fashion?
I’ve always been interested in fashion. But it intensified while I was attending high school and started buying vintage clothing. 

Tell us more about your career journey in the fashion industry:
It started when I was 20 years old and started working at a clothing company in Borås. When I turned 25, I moved to Paris and began working as a purchaser. But I wasn’t happy at all! I wanted start my own company... a fashion company of women, for women. With a focus on female empowerment. So I did! Right there in the living room of my Paris apartment. That’s where and when I started Aéryne. I quit my other job and started sketching. About 9 months later, I finished designing the first collection and started to build my team. Today, we’re a total of six women working together at Aéryne. 

What was your inspiration for the Aéryne X Gina Tricot collaboration? 
Inspiration for the collection comes from female role models of history’s Fempires, i.e. the women who have paved the way for us. We’ve also named the items in the collection after these women.

Now we are really curious. Tells us more!
We selected several strong women from various eras and named the garments after them. Vandana Shiva from India is one such example. She’s an amazing symbol of female power, an inspiring philosopher and eco-feminist. 
The collection not only celebrates women, but also a more sustainable fashion future.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you? 
At Aéryne, we’ve come up with a new business model of on-demand production from leftover fabrics. It’s a similar concept to what we created together with Gina Tricot, which I’m convinced is the future for the fashion industry.

What’s it been like, collaborating with Gina Tricot?
This has been a tremendously fun collaboration every step of the way, from concept to reality. Together, we succeeded in merging our basic values in a unique collaboration that celebrates female empowerment and sustainability all in the same collection. A highlight of it all was our trip to China in search of leftover fabric that would be suitable for use in the collection. 

Which item is your favourite from the collection? 
I love the pink organza dress, which we’ve been able to make 60 pieces of from the leftover fabric that was available.  I’m also very fond of the pretty brooch and earrings. 

Who is the biggest fashion icons of all time?
Eleanor Roosevelt is one, for sure! I love everything about her. Her style and especially her strength. Eleanor was the first “First Lady” who started taking own initiative. 

What inspires you in your daily work?
Nature. I truly love being out in nature. 

Which women have been your female role models?
 Cristina Stenbeck. She’s the business world’s Queen C. 

Do you have any good tips for other girls dreaming of a career in fashion? 
Dare to take the step of starting your own company. Dare to help change the fashion industry by thinking more sustainably. 

About Aéryne
Aéryne is a company by women, for women. It is modern, edgy and feminine design inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, Parisian individualism and self-confidence. Female empowerment permeates the entire brand and that applies to everything from the underlying values to the collections themselves and efforts to support female charity organisations. In September 2019, Aéryne created a new business model based solely on manufacturing garments on-demand from leftover fabrics. 


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