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AWESOME! We’re now releasing fall’s most awesome power collection with world-famous electropop duo, Icona Pop! Disco, glitter, 80’s vibes, power and rock’n’roll – inspiration for the collection has been taken directly from this girl-boss duo’s sizzling musical career, where the stage is their own catwalk. 

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The first reaction was, YES, let’s do this! After that, we started tossing ideas and concepts back and forth. We shared our thoughts with Gina Tricot and they gave us feedback. We got to select fabrics and colour combinations. We also put effort into defining the overall theme and message for the collection. We are so, SO proud of the results. We absolutely love the collection! //Carro

We will be wearing every single item from the collection with an incredible sense of pride. I’m mean, each piece is simply TO DIE FOR! Our personalities are embedded in these looks. I see loads of “Carro” and “Aina” in each piece. So, if we were clothing, this is how we would look! //Aino

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