Rent is the new new – we’re launching our new collaboration “Gemme with Gina Tricot”, a specially designed rental capsule collection with unique, hand-sewn dream dresses that focus on high fashion and beautiful materials. Gemme is the fashion industry’s online walk-in closet, where you can share your own designer garments and accessories or get access to till exclusive wardrobe “gems” directly from other fashion lovers, including some of the country’s biggest style profiles. A fun and more sustainable way to share clothes with each other.

Discover the collection and get inspired, highlight your personality and dress up whenever you like – for yourself, your followers, small family gatherings or intimate dinner parties. You can rent items from the collection online in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden via



the collection

The limited collection, in which items can be hired only through, consists of four exclusive, hand-sewn dresses that focus on a high level of fashion. These are unique power looks featuring intriguing silhouettes and cool designs, voluminous sleeves, delicate details and fabulous fabrics. The collection was conceived in a mutual design collaboration and locally produced in Gina Tricot’s hometown Borås, Sweden by XV Production – a visionary and progressive in-house concept in textile design and production. Each dress is a genuine work of art, with a value of approximately SEK 2,700–4,000 each – but you can rent the garments at very reasonable prices. You can feel absolutely safe and confident that you’ll have a clean, fresh dress to wear when you hire. All garments are sent for textile washing after each rental.



the dress journey – be a part of the movement

Inspire others and be inspired, explore styling tips from fantastic fashion profiles, and find your way to wear your dream dress, as you also join the journey to a more sustainable fashion future. Hire a complete look – choose your favourite dress and matching accessories at, then model your outfit and styling for other fashionistas by tagging your images with #gemmexginatricot. By doing so, we can inspire each other and we all get to follow the collection’s journey. Together, we can put the sustainability journey in motion and focus on a more circular approach to fashion. Our hope is that you want to join us!



about gemme

Gemme is the fashion industry’s sharing service, where you can discover and gain access to fantastic designer clothes and accessories, directly from other fashion lovers and style profiles. You can also post design products – your own “gems” – for hire from your personal wardrobe and let other fashion lovers like you, rent them. The concept vision is to contribute to a more sustainable fashion future, where it is easy and fun to share wardrobes with each other, on a digital platform that offers something for everyone.

Gemme innovates the future of fashion – a world where we use what is already hanging in our closets.

The “Gemme with Gina Tricot” collection is available for rental online in Sweden – Stockholm and Gothenburg, via