Her home is colour-filled and cheerful – just like herself - Hanna MW is a stylist, fashion personality, and enjoyer of life, with a wardrobe that many of us would be thrilled to have. We visited Hanna in her flat in Borås to find out more about her style philosophy and inspiration. Has she always been so confident in her own style and expression?

“Yes, I’d say that I have! Fashion and experimenting with clothes have always been a significant and fun-filled part of my life – and I’ve never really cared about what others think. I trust my instincts about who I am and how I express that.” 

Sally blazer 69.99€ // Carter capri trousers 34.99€

Hanna travels a lot and It’s clear that she loves having the world as her workplace –something that is reflected throughout her home. She’s collected cushions, artwork, tableware, rugs, and more during her travels. The same holds true for her fashion wardrobe.

“Travel makes up a large part of my job, and I enjoy experiencing different cultures. It’s probably the most significant influence on my style. And cinema! I often think of scenes and images in movies when I design my looks. For example, this white balloon-sleeve jacket, matched with capri tights and heels. It’s an Eighties-inspired look that I love!” 

Kicki blouse 64.99€ // Chicago trousers 59.99€

Another style favourite for Hanna is a square neckline paired with puff sleeves. “It makes for a fabulous silhouette! I adore clothes with a square neckline, preferably together with a chunky gold necklace.” 

Hanna currently works full-time (and sometimes more) as a stylist. She also manages her social media channels. It’s a job with freedom and inspiration, where she’s always on the move. And it’s definitely her cup of tea.

“I love the fast pace! I learn more about myself the whole time. This job has helped me realise that I need to be free to set my own schedule. And I know that it’s a privilege – fantastic, really – to work with my greatest passion every day. Of course it’s a balancing act. My work demands a lot of my time, but I’m also very family-oriented. Spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends will always be the most important.” 

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