As part of our efforts to create a more circular economy in the fashion industry, Gina Tricot is now, for the second time, launching a collection that has been entirely manufactured from leftover clothing. We’ve selected certain unsold or damaged garments along with garments that have been returned as defective and, in collaboration with XV Production in Borås, have “re-made” them, thereby creating an entirely new collection – Gina Tricot Upcycle. With the help of some local entrepreneurs, a limited number of unique garments have been made in Sweden, with minimal environmental impact, resulting in a collection where the fashion appeal is higher than ever.

“Making use of textiles that already exist is a simple and inspiring way of caring about our planet. Re:design is about identifying new opportunities for textiles that already exist. For example, sometimes just a tiny alteration is all that’s needed for giving a garment an entirely new look, or adding new functions to it.” - XV Production

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Re: Isabella pu blazer 64.99€ // Re: Lisa trousers 39.99€ // My basic tee 15.99€ // Re: Lisa trousers 39.99€


XV Production is a creative studio working exclusively with in-house production to re-work existing materials in a visionary and inspiring way. XV Production is the result of four individuals who are passionate about sustainability and share a common vision of creating a circular fashion and textile industry.

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