Sweatpants Fashion Redefined

Sweatpants are known as the best lounge wear for just lazying around at home. But what if you could go out in them? Better yet, what if you could take that comfort with you to the office?

Sweatpants For Rest, Work And Play

Sweatpants take the mantle of the best lounge wear bottoms hands down! They are comfortable and most of all, they just have that lazy vibe attached to them. Those lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons go extremely well when coupled with sweatpants and coffee. As much as they are dubbed lounge wear, the Gina Tricot has a few items that bring the sweatpants fashion to the office! how about that. The new tailored silhouettes and trendy prints that the site has in its collections are making sweatpants appropriate for rest, work and play. Get comfy in the office with a power suit coupled with heels and have your work mates ask where you got your chic look. High waist sweatpants and pony printed blouses are just perfect for a dinner date.

Head-Turning Sweatpants And Joggers

Jogger pants also fall in the same category as sweatpants. Their constricted hems show off your shoes (yes, those expensive heels you want everyone to see). And what's better than jogger pants? Skinny jogger pants! On top of showing off your shoe, they show off the curves of your body! A uniquely comfortable weekend look can obviously be started with these comfortable pants coupled with a striped blouse. Throw in a leather biker jacket and some black boots for that rugged look. Gina Tricot offers a rather wide array of joggers that can be matched with literally anything to fit whatever occasion. They boast of a collection that features the best jogger pants that will definitely have heads turning. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their site and make a fashion statement.

Shop For Sweatpants Online at Gina Tricot

Joggers and sweatpants are quickly becoming the new trend. Now guess what? With the Gina Tricot collection, you can rock these comfy pants anywhere and whenever. Couple them with silk blouses and heels for a comfortable day at the office or a pair of sneakers and printed tee for a day out with your clique. Not only are they stylish and trendy, they are quite affordable and now you don't have to worry about your security when making a purchase at the site.