We apply a 30-day return policy that starts on the date you receive your order. We kindly ask that you return items to us in good condition. 

Items that may not be returned are gift certificates, underwear, cosmetics, earrings and swimwear (when the plastic seal at the crotch has been removed). However, defective items may always be returned.

For returns where we discover that the item has not been returned in its original condition, or where there has been damage to the item due to incorrect use, we may charge a fee of EUR 5.90 to return the product to you, or scrap the item free-of-charge. We will, however, keep you updated while the item is being processed. Please note though, that we never charge a fee on approved returns.

For returns to our online warehouse, a price reduction may be applied. More information about this can be found in our terms and conditions. For returns to our online warehouse, a fee of EUR 5.90 will be charged and deducted from the amount you will be refunded.

Items may only be returned in the country where you purchased them. 

A return label was included in your package. Attach the label to the outside of the package. Our top priority is that you, our customer, will always be satisfied with your purchase from us. Your feedback is important, so we would appreciate it very much if you would take the time to include a note with your return, stating the reasons why you are returning the item.


How many days do I have to return an item?
You have 30 days to return an item, counting from the day you received your order. If you want to apply your 30-day right of return, the item must be in its original condition, unused, and with all labels and tags still attached. Briefs, swimwear (when the plastic seal at the crotch has been removed), cosmetics, earrings and gift certificates may not returned. You can return it to us by simply including a slip of paper stating the reason for the return and attaching the return sticker to the package. As soon as we have processed your return, you will receive a return confirmation by email. Another option is to take the item to one of our stores, along with the order number, so that we can process the return there.

Who pays for the return?
In most cases, the customer pays for the return. If you paid by credit card or gift certificate, the amount less return postage of EUR 5.90 will repaid to that card. If you are paying by invoice, you must adjust the amount on the invoice you received via email for the return amount. You only need to pay for the items you will keep, along with the shipping charge of EUR 5.90 and the return postage of EUR 5.90. If you are returning all items in your order, you will only pay the return postage of EUR 5,90. If you are returning some of the items in your order, you will pay the original shipping charge and the return postage. If we sent you the wrong item, or a defective item, we will of course cover the return postage.

How do I register a return?
The return label contains the codes associated with your order, so we will know that the items have been returned by you. When our web warehouse has received and approved your return the value minus the freight fee (€5.90) is refunded to your card. It may take 1-2 weeks from the date you send your return until the refund has been paid. Once the items have been registered, confirmation is sent to you via e-mail. Please remember that you are responsible for the item until it reaches us at Gina Tricot. Your tracking-ID for the return is printed on the returns label. Please keep this number until the return has been confirmed by us!

Why am I unable to register my return?
You have either entered incorrect user information when you logged in, or the allotted time for returning the item has expired. If you purchased the item at one of our stores, you may only return it to one of our stores. For an item purchased online, you may return it to one of our stores, but you must also have the order number with you. It is not possible to register a return online if you are not a member. In those cases, just put the item in a package, along with a slip of paper stating the reason for return. Then, attach the return sticker and send it to us. Please contact customer service if you need assistance,

What amount do I need to pay on my invoice when returning an unwanted or defective item?
If you are returning all items in your order, you will only pay the return fee of EUR 5.90. For a partial return, you will pay for the items you keep, plus the shipping fee of EUR 5.90 and a return fee of EUR 5.90. We will cover the return postage on defective items being returned, and the entire amount for such items will be adjusted on the invoice. The invoice will be updated automatically when we process the return. You can thus always login at to see your current invoice.

How long does it take before I am refunded?
It can take up to two weeks from the date when you return items until they are received at our warehouse and we’ve registered the return. If you paid by card, it can take between 3-5 days before you are credited for the amount.

What happens if I don't collect my package?
In many cases, items sent as a letter are delivered to a pickup point. It is up to Fedex to decide whether it will fit in your mailbox, or must be delivered to a pickup point instead. In such cases, we will be able to see whether or not you collect the item.  The parcel/letter will typically be kept at the pickup point for 14 days before it is returned to us. As soon as we have processed the return, you will receive an automatic return confirmation by email. A fee of EUR 15 is charged for all uncollected packages. The fee covers our administration fees, return postage and handling. If you want to cancel your order after items have been sent, you must still accept the delivery and then return it to us. If you don't collect the package, it will automatically be registered as uncollected and you will be charged the associated fees.