All of our payment go through Klarna, where you may choose to pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard and VISA Electron). Klarna (marked as Klarna checkout at the cashier and confirmation site) is another payment option that lets you pay via your bank account, invoice, or even by instalment. If you have any questions about payments or refunds with this option, please contact Klarna directly. The easiest way is in the chat forum via their app or website.


I haven’t received an order or delivery confirmation. What should I do?
Sometimes, these confirmation emails from us wind up in your spam mailbox. We recommend that you check there. If you still don’t see the confirmation, check first with Klarna to ensure that you’ve given them the correct email with your order. Afterwards, please contact our customer service as well, so that we can update your email address too.

How do I contact Klarna?​​​​​​
The easiest way is in the chat forum via their app or website. The quickest way of contacting Klarna’s customer service is by clicking here (link).

I haven’t received an invoice. What should I do?
Klara sends the invoice to you via email. But you can also retrieve your invoice at Just enter your email address after clicking on “Find your invoice”.

Why can’t I use invoice as the payment option?
There are several reasons why the payment by invoice option may not have been approved when you placed your order.
1. You must be at least 18 years old to pay by invoice.
2. You’ve exceeded the maximum amount allowed for paying by invoice. That amount can vary, so if you’d like to know the maximum amount that applies to you, just contact Klarna directly by clicking here. (link)
3. Remember that your personal details will always be checked against the address listed in the population register. If it doesn’t match, the payment by invoice option will not be approved.
4. Klarna (which is the service we use for payment by invoice), has not approved you for credit.