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Our goal is for you to receive delivery within 3-5 working days. However, the delivery time may vary based on the volume of orders that we are processing and circumstances that Gina Tricot has no control over, such as delays with the carrier.

We do not offer partial delivery. When the order is delivered, the customer is charged for the goods that were sent. A delivery notice is sent by email as soon as the goods leave our warehouse for delivery. The delivery notice shows whether the order will be delivered to a service point, or directly to the customer. If the goods will be delivered to a service point, you will get a SMS text message as soon as the goods can be collected. You can always use the tracking number to trace your package online.

The service point that you selected when you placed the order is only used for MyPack deliveries. When your order is sent as a parcel, delivery to your mailbox will be attempted. However, if the parcel doesn’t fit in your mailbox, PostNord will instead take it to the service point that is closest to where you live. We don’t know in advance how your order will be delivered. That’s determined when we are ready to send your order and your nearest post office will have information about that.

After the order has been placed, we are unable to make any changes to the recipient or delivery address.

You can find more information about deliveries in our terms and conditions.

Questions & answers

How long will my order take to arrive?
Our aim is that orders received before 2 pm are sent the same day. This means that normally you will receive your products 3 to 5 days after you place your order.

Where/ how do a receive my parcel?
When the goods has been dispatched from our warehouse a delivery confirmation is sent by email. The delivery confirmation also includes a tracking-ID. Go to and choose your country to search for your order by your tracking-ID. The deliveries are handled by FedEx and are sent directly to the customer’s home during office hours between 8.00 and 18.00. FedEx should contact the customer by phone before delivering the goods. After trying to reach the customer three times the goods will be returned to Gina Tricot.

I have not reveived all my items?
Sometimes, the stock levels of the missing item was incorrect when you placed your order. The product will not be sent at a later date. When your order was dispatched, only the items sent were debited. If you have been debited for an item not received, please contact our customer service at

Can I track my parcel?
Yes, Once your delivery has been dispatched a delivery confirmation is sent to your e-mail. You will find your tracking-ID, which you can use to track your parcel at, in the delivery confirmation.

Can I change delivery address after confirming my order?
No, we cannot change the delivery address after you have confirmed your payment. Therefore, it is always good to be extra careful to ensure that address and delivery details are correct.

Can someone else receive my parcel?
Yes, FedEx obtains a signature from any person at the delivery address. If no one is at the address, FedEx will reattempt delivery. "If FedEx delivered your parcel to a neighbor you will be notified by a door tag where you can find a signature of the person who received your delivery. " "FedEx should contact the customer by phone before delivering the goods. After trying to reach the customer three times the goods will be returned to Gina Tricot." "You can also choose to pick up the package at FedEx if the time is not right for you or change delivery address. For more information go to"

Which countries do you deliver to?
We deliver orders to addresses in the European Union and Norway with the exception of Svalbard, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and Åland.