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30-day return policy



Frequently asked questions


What fees do you charge?
For orders with home delivery shipping charges of EUR 5.90 will be charged. When you return an item to our online warehouse, there will be a charge of EUR 5.90. It is also possible that the same amount will be charged when you return an item that you feel is defective and we do not approve the complaint.

I want to return an item, what should I do?
Just attach the return sticker that came with your order to the package. Be sure to also include a slip of paper with the reason for the return (for example, wrong size, etc.). We ask you to do this so that we can differentiate between returns and complaints, thus assessing whether there will be any charges for the return. You don’t need to include any other information. That’s all we need to process your return.

How old must I be to order something from Gina Tricot?
You must be at least 18 years old.



I haven’t received an order or delivery confirmation. What should I do?
Sometimes, these confirmation emails from us wind up in your spam mailbox. We recommend that you check there. If you still don’t see the confirmation, check first with Klarna to ensure that you’ve given them the correct email with your order. Afterwards, please contact our customer service as well, so that we can update your email address too.

How do I contact Klarna?​​​​​​
The easiest way is in the chat forum via their app or website. The quickest way of contacting Klarna’s customer service is by clicking here (link).

I haven’t received an invoice. What should I do?
Klara sends the invoice to you via email. But you can also retrieve your invoice at Just enter your email address after clicking on “Find your invoice”.

Why can’t I use invoice as the payment option?
There are several reasons why the payment by invoice option may not have been approved when you placed your order.
1. You must be at least 18 years old to pay by invoice.
2. You’ve exceeded the maximum amount allowed for paying by invoice. That amount can vary, so if you’d like to know the maximum amount that applies to you, just contact Klarna directly by clicking here. (link)
3. Remember that your personal details will always be checked against the address listed in the population register. If it doesn’t match, the payment by invoice option will not be approved.
4. Klarna (which is the service we use for payment by invoice), has not approved you for credit.


What is Gina Tricot’s delivery time?
For orders to a pickup point or directly to your home address, received M-Thurs before 2 p.m., will typically be send the same day (except when one of those days is a holiday). For orders placed on a Friday, as well as orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, the items will be sent from our warehouse the following Monday. However, the delivery time may vary based on the volume of orders that we are processing and circumstances that Gina Tricot has no control over, such as delays with the carrier.

Where/how do I collect my items? 

You will receive a delivery confirmation to your email address as soon as your package leaves our warehouse. There will be a tracking number that you can use to track it at The package will be delivered to you, and you can rearrange your delivery with FedEx if you are unavailable at the time and place of your delivery. FedEx will try to deliver your items a few times before sending it back to our warehouse.

Where is my package?
If you still haven’t received your package after a few days or within the scheduled time, please contact our customer service.

Why haven’t I received all of the items that I ordered?

Sometimes the stock balance on the item you ordered is incorrect, which could mean that it has sold out and we are thus unable to fulfil the order. We do not put a hold on the order until it is restocked. Instead, the order will be cancelled. However, for partially fulfilled orders, you will only be charged for the items sent and that will occur as soon your order leaves our warehouse. If an item in your order has sold out, you will be notified about that in the delivery confirmation. However, if for some reason you are charged from an item that hasn’t been sent, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

Is it possible for me to track my order?
Yes, there will be a tracking number in the delivery confirmation sent to your email address. 

Can I change the pickup point after the order has been confirmed?
Yes, you can arrange this yourself by contacting Note that this is possible first after your order have left our warehouse. You will get a delivery confirmatin email when your order has left our warehouse.

Can someone else pick up my package for me?

Where is my packing slip?
We care about the environment, which is why we only send information about our deliveries electronically, rather than in paper form. All information about your order will be sent by email. You may return an item to us simply by putting it in an envelope/bag, along with a slip of paper explaining the reason for the return. Then, just attach the return sticker to the package and hand it in to your nearest postal service agent. As soon as we have processed the return, you will receive an automatic return confirmation. The consignment note contains the codes associated with your order, so we will know that the items have been returned by you. If you’d like to return an item to one of our stores, all you need to do is bring it with you, along with the order number, so that we can process it. As soon as we’ve processed the return, we will credit the invoice amount by EUR 5.90, which is the amount charged for returns sent by mail. If the invoice is due for payment soon, we recommend that you login at to suspend your invoice until the return has been processed. For returns handed in at one of our stores, we do not charge a return fee and the invoice will be credited directly.



How many days do I have to return an item?
You have 30 days to return an item, counting from the day you received your order. If you want to apply your 30-day right of return, the item must be in its original condition, unused, and with all labels and tags still attached. Briefs, swimwear (when the plastic seal at the crotch has been removed), cosmetics, earrings and gift certificates may not returned. You can return it to us by simply including a slip of paper stating the reason for the return and attaching the return sticker to the package. As soon as we have processed your return, you will receive a return confirmation by email. Another option is to take the item to one of our stores, along with the order number, so that we can process the return there.

Who pays for the return?
In most cases, the customer pays for the return. If you paid by credit card or gift certificate, the amount less return postage of EUR 5.90 will repaid to that card. If you are paying by invoice, you must adjust the amount on the invoice you received via email for the return amount. You only need to pay for the items you will keep, along with the shipping charge of EUR 5.90 and the return postage of EUR 5.90. If you are returning all items in your order, you will only pay the return postage of EUR 5,90. If you are returning some of the items in your order, you will pay the original shipping charge and the return postage. If we sent you the wrong item, or a defective item, we will of course cover the return postage.

How do I register a return?
The return label contains the codes associated with your order, so we will know that the items have been returned by you. When our web warehouse has received and approved your return the value minus the freight fee (€5.90) is refunded to your card. It may take 1-2 weeks from the date you send your return until the refund has been paid. Once the items have been registered, confirmation is sent to you via e-mail. Please remember that you are responsible for the item until it reaches us at Gina Tricot. Your tracking-ID for the return is printed on the returns label. Please keep this number until the return has been confirmed by us!

Why am I unable to register my return?
You have either entered incorrect user information when you logged in, or the allotted time for returning the item has expired. If you purchased the item at one of our stores, you may only return it to one of our stores. For an item purchased online, you may return it to one of our stores, but you must also have the order number with you. It is not possible to register a return online if you are not a member. In those cases, just put the item in a package, along with a slip of paper stating the reason for return. Then, attach the return sticker and send it to us. Please contact customer service if you need assistance, [email protected].

What amount do I need to pay on my invoice when returning an unwanted or defective item?
If you are returning all items in your order, you will only pay the return fee of EUR 5.90. For a partial return, you will pay for the items you keep, plus the shipping fee of EUR 5.90 and a return fee of EUR 5.90. We will cover the return postage on defective items being returned, and the entire amount for such items will be adjusted on the invoice. The invoice will be updated automatically when we process the return. You can thus always login at to see your current invoice.

How long does it take before I am refunded?
It can take up to two weeks from the date when you return items until they are received at our warehouse and we’ve registered the return. If you paid by card, it can take between 3-5 days before you are credited for the amount.

What happens if I don't collect my package?
In many cases, items sent as a letter are delivered to a pickup point. It is up to Fedex to decide whether it will fit in your mailbox, or must be delivered to a pickup point instead. In such cases, we will be able to see whether or not you collect the item.  The parcel/letter will typically be kept at the pickup point for 14 days before it is returned to us. As soon as we have processed the return, you will receive an automatic return confirmation by email. A fee of EUR 15 is charged for all uncollected packages. The fee covers our administration fees, return postage and handling. If you want to cancel your order after items have been sent, you must still accept the delivery and then return it to us. If you don't collect the package, it will automatically be registered as uncollected and you will be charged the associated fees.