Terms and conditions


Gina Tricot is a Swedish retail clothing company that has a physical and online presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. We are now increasing our presence online because the interest in shopping from Gina Tricot from outside these countries has increased dramatically over time. From now on customers all over Europe can shop Gina Tricot’s products from within their own homes.

The following conditions apply to all agreements entered into regarding the purchase and delivery of goods from www.ginatricot.eu henceforth referred to as ”Gina Tricot” or ”We”.

The conditions may be changed without warning and customers are therefore recommended to read them at the time of each purchase. The terms and conditions for a specific order are the once valid at the time when the order was placed. By placing an order the customer accept the current terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions are applicable when shopping at ginatricot.eu but they do not affect the customers’ statutory rights.

Prices & Delivery fees

All prices are in euro (€) and include the relevant VAT (value added tax). Prices do not include the cost of dispatch. The prices shown on the date when the customer places its order are valid through the whole purchase process.

For all orders there is a charge that covers dispatch, handling and freight. This is currently 5.90 euro (€). The charge is the same irrespective of how much the customer orders. Concerning areas outside the EU tax-point range, there may be country-specific charges. Kindly contact FedEx for more information about your country. http://www.fedex.com/se/services/terms/


The purchase agreement applies when the customer receives the order confirmation via email from Gina Tricot. A condition is that the customer leaves the correct details regarding email address and residential address. The amount is reserved to the customer's card when the order is placed and the amount is being charged when the order is delivered.

Customers with a minimum age of 18 and a residential address in a European country (except for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany or Finland due to local online-shops) are able to buy products from ginatricot.eu

Largest amount per purchase is 500 €.


We accept credit card payments from VISA and Mastercard. In some countries local payment options are available.

Security of payments

For all card transactions SSL (Secure Socket Layer) applies and the transactions are being encrypted. We always check the card validity and that there are sufficient funds to cover the purchase amount. Gina Tricot retains the right to refuse the card purchase. To ensure the customer’s security we cooperate with an authorized payment agent who handle the customer’s card details in a secure way. Gina Tricot never saves information regarding your credit card. If a customer has any questions about the security of payments our recommendation is that they contact us through customerservice@ginatricot.com.


We do not send partial deliveries. When the customer's order is delivered the amount is debited for the goods that are sent. When the goods have left our warehouse for delivery a delivery confirmation is sent by email. The delivery confirmation also includes a tracking-ID. Go to www.fedex.com and choose your country to search for your order by your tracking-ID.

Gina Tricot does not deliver goods bought from www.ginatricot.eu to Svalbard, Greenland, The Faroe Islands or Åland.

Delivery times

Our aim is for customers to receive deliveries within 3 to 5 working days. The delivery time can, however, vary depending on the quantity of orders to be dispatched and circumstances that Gina Tricot has no control over.

The deliveries are handled by FedEx and are sent directly to the customer’s home during office hours between 8.00 and 18.00. The customer is therefor recommended to leave an address while ordering where it’s available during these times. FedEx should contact the customer by phone before delivering the goods. After trying to reach the customer three times the goods will be returned to Gina Tricot.

Uncollected packages

In case of non-collection, the customer will be charged 15 € to cover the costs for freight and handling.

Returns of goods

We apply a 14 day period of purchase on approval that applies from the moment that you receive the delivery. The only condition is that the goods are returned in their original state, unused and with all the labels attached.

To return items sign in with your account information at ginatricot.eu and follow the instructions on “My page”.

The return label is included in your parcel. Place it on the outside of the parcel.

When the customer return goods bought on www.ginatricot.eu he or she needs to call FedEx customer service to arrange collection. The customer just visits www.fedex.com, then chooses the country where they live to find contact details..

When we have received and handled a return the value of the goods is repaid, minus return freight of 5.90 euro (€), to the card that was used to make the purchase. Gina Tricot does not apply exchange of goods, you can order new goods via www.ginatricot.eu.

We apply the statutory guarantee rules for faulty goods. If a faulty item has been sent, the customer is requested to immediately submit a claim for obvious material or production faults on delivered goods to Gina Tricot – this also applies to damage incurred during transportation.

To submit a claim, sign in with your account information at ginatricot.eu and follow the instructions on “My page”.

The right to return goods does not apply to briefs, swimwear, cosmetics and earrings. Faulty goods can, of course, be returned.

Note that returns must be sent to the address given on the returns label: Gina Tricot Försäljnings AB, Däckvägen 2, SE-506 49 Borås, SWEDEN.

Personal details

The personal details that are sent to Gina Tricot on purchase are used for endorsing and implementing the delivery agreement, to maintain our customer relations and for marketing activities carried out by Gina Tricot.

In order to implement orders it is necessary to give the details to third parties. Gina Tricot gives personal details to transport companies for the implementation of deliveries and notification.

Gina Tricot will never sell nor transfer personal details for marketing activities from companies other than Gina Tricot.


Gina Tricot protects your personal integrity when you use our services. Therefore, we have devised a policy explaining how we process and protect your personal data. This policy could change at any time, so please be sure to always check what currently applies. The most recent version of this Integrity Policy will always be available on ginatricot.com.

This Integrity Policy applies to our online services.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL DATA? The Swedish Parent Company, Gina Tricot AB is responsible for how your personal data is processed and as such, is therefore responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed correctly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Other companies that belong to the Gina Tricot Group, which are Gina Tricot Försäljnings AB, Gina Tricot Norge AS, Gina Tricot Finland OY, Gina Tricot Danmark AS and Gina Tricot GmbH, may also process your personal data and when they do so, it will be in accordance with this Integrity Policy.

Any personal data about you that we collect will be stored within Europe and the European Economic Area. We do not share your personal data with third parties, except in situations where doing so is a requirement stemming from a legal obligation. In addition, Gina Tricot may share your personal data with a third party in the situations stated below in this Integrity Policy.

We collect information about your purchases and visits to our website, such as electronic identity, information about purchased items, purchase price, purchase date and the store where you made a purchase or returned an item. If you participate in an event or contact us, we will also collect your personal data about that.

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • - To be able to confirm your identity
  • - To process your orders and returns
  • - To contact you with a notice of delivery or if a problem has arisen concerning delivery of items that you have ordered
  • - To inform you that your order is ready for you to pick up
  • - To answer your questions via email or via our customer service
  • - To check your age if you are making an online purchase (must be 18 years old) or if you want become a member of Spotlight (must be 16 years old)
  • - To test and improve our systems and provide services
  • - To prevent fraud or misuse of our services

We will never store your personal data longer than what is necessary to fulfil the purposes stated above and never longer than we are required to store your personal data in accordance with law. After that, your personal data will be deleted. We store invoices for the length of time required by the Swedish Accounting Act.

You may, at any time, revoke or change the consents that you have granted or decline further advertising by visiting ginatricot.com, contacting our customer service or via the mailings you receive from us.

You have, at any time, and free-of-charge once per year, the right to request a report from us about the information we have stored about you, the purpose for which your personal data is being processed and information on the source from which your personal data was collected. Any request to be provided with such information must be in writing and sent to our customer service at the address stated below.

If you feel that Gina Tricot has processed your personal data incorrectly or in violation of applicable laws and regulations, you will also be entitled to request to have such personal data corrected, blocked or deleted. You can do this either via ginatricot.com or by contacting our customer service.

We will deny your request for deletion if there are legal obligations preventing us from immediately removing certain information (such as those stated in the Swedish Accounting Act). It might also be the case that the processing is necessary so that we are able to establish, enforce or defend legal claims. When Gina Tricot has such right by law, the company will continue processing your personal data even though you have requested to have it removed.

You are also entitled to request that we limit our processing of your personal data. For example, we could restrict usage to verify that your data is correct. Another example is that we decide to no longer retain your personal data for the purposes we established, but you request that we store your personal data in order to enforce or defend legal claims. In such a case, we would not be able to delete your personal data until you tell us to do so.

You may also object to all processing of personal data based on conflict of interest considerations.

You are entitled to request that the information about you is transferred to another Controller. A precondition for this is that the transfer is technically feasible and can be automated.

If you believe that we have incorrectly processed your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the regulatory authority in your country.

Your personal data will not be transferred or sold to a third party for advertising purposes. Your personal data may, however, be disclosed to a third party if doing so is required in order to provide you with services. An example would be that we provide the data to a supplier who is responsible for delivering products that you ordered and for analysis of your personal data for distribution of offers.

The companies we use have entered into agreements with us and may only use the personal data that we have made available to them in accordance with our instructions. We are legally responsible for the processing carried out by our service companies.

How do we protect your personal data?
Gina Tricot AB takes the technical and organisational security measures required by law to ensure that your personal data is not tampered with, lost, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Our security procedures are constantly being updated to keep pace with technological developments.

All transactions that are made via our website where your personal data is used, are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

A cookie is data that is sent from a website and then stored locally in the visitor's browser while visiting the website. When the visitor visits the same website again, the information that has been saved in the cookie can then be retrieved and used to notify the website about the visitor's prior activities.

We use cookies to help analyse traffic at ginatricot.com and create a better user experience, which can, for example require that we save information about the visitor's choice of country, information about past visits to ginatricot.com and which pages were visited at ginatricot.com.

By visiting ginatricot.com, you have approved that we collect information about your visits with the help of cookies. If you do not approve of our use of cookies in this way, you should change the settings on your browser such that it does not accept cookies. You can also, at any time, delete the cookie files that have been stored on your computer. Read more under the help section about cookies in your browser.

Gina Tricot accepts no liability for any mistakes in illustrations or text items. Any disputes will be referred to the European Consumer Centers Network, http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/ecc/-index_en.htm. Gina Tricot always follows the European Consumer Centers Network’s recommendations.

In the event of force majeure Gina Tricot's obligations are suspended. If force majeure persists for longer than 2 months the customer and Gina Tricot are entitled to annul the contract without any obligation to pay damages.

Force majeure includes, amongst other things, strikes, personnel sickness, transport disruptions, import/export bans, natural disasters and war irrespective of whether this occurs in the company or at the company's suppliers.


Gina Tricot AB
Teknologgatan 2
503 38 Borås
Company registration number: 556534-8843
VAT registration number: SE556534884301

To get in contact with our customer service, please send an e-mail to customerservice@ginatricot.com. Your questions will be answered on weekdays between 7am and 6pm.