Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Reuse is an important component of future sustainable fashion and it's an excellent example of how companies, customers and organizations can work together.

"In order for future fashion to be sustainable, we need to work on three fronts," says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability. "We need to reduce the environmental impact of each individual garment. We do that by choosing sustainable material, manufacturing methods and modes of transport. Of course, we also have to design garments of the right quality that customers really love.  Additionally, we need systems for increasing the use of each garment. This is where aid agencies play an important role. But the technical systems for material recycling also need to become more advanced. Today's systems are adequate for making padding, insulation and similar products, but ideally, we'd like to be making new garments out of recycled material."


What's required?


"Several promising projects are going on, like one that "melts" cotton material, turning it into viscose pulp. As yet, though, these projects aren't viable. For that to happen, clothing that will be recycled needs to be collected on a much greater scale. That's why we're already accepting clothing now and we think it's great that more and more companies are doing the same. This is also why it doesn't matter what type of clothing is handed in. The important thing is to get more clothing into the recycling system, instead of throwing it away. Right now, people are changing the way they think about clothing recycling. You can already notice that this will become a completely natural behaviour in the future, just like newspaper recycling is today."