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Trendy autumn jackets for all occasions

At Gina Tricot you will find fall jackets for all occasions. Of course in the latest autumn trends. Choose from all the classic styles or stand out from the crowd with a trendy bomber jacket.

All the hottest autumn jackets on one page

Autumn is more than just café parties and rain. It's finally the time to dress up in comfy autumn jackets! At Gina Tricot you'll find warm jackets for all occasions. Whether you want a jacket for going shopping in town, a walk in the woods or a weekend party, you'll find all the latest trends here. We receive new items daily and you can choose between a classic parka, a down jacket or why not a wool coat. At Gina Tricot, you'll discover jackets in comfortable, natural colours that will warm you up in the autumn rush. We also have jackets in bright colours for those who want to brighten up the autumn darkness.

Take care of your stylish autumn jackets

Gina Tricot has jackets in a variety of materials and shapes. The majority can be machine washed, but always follow the washing instructions. A tip is to impregnate your jackets regularly. This will keep you dry in the autumn rain. If you have a down jacket, don't forget to put a couple of tennis balls in the dryer when you dry it. This will make the jacket fluffier.

Brighten up the autumn darkness with a new jacket

As the cold and dark begin to come, the streets are filled with great autumn jackets. At Gina Tricot, you'll find all the trendiest garments, whatever jacket style suits you best. In autumn, it's your jacket that says who you are. You can either choose a parka that is suitable for all occasions or you can spice up your autumn wardrobe with different jackets for different occasions. Choose a classic one for work and a statement jacket for all the autumn shopping trips and parties. Remember that you can easily combine a jacket in natural colours with any of our accessories, which you can also find on the site.

At Gina Tricot, you'll find all the trendy down jackets for autumn. Find everything on one page to complete your autumn wardrobe. Shop easy and safe online at Gina Tricot, with our fast deliveries it only teakes a few days until you have your new jacket.