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circular textile printing

Made to be made again – we’re kicking off 2022 by teaming up in a collaboration with innovators and researchers from Gothenburg-based Vividye, which has developed a completely new production technology for circular textile printing. The new method makes it possible to remove old designs and print new ones on fabric, and to colour the same garment over and over again, without doing any harm to the textile fibres. Now, we’re releasing our first collection, featuring a limited edition of T-shirts made from organic cotton and printed using this new method.

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Become part of this fantastic development by shopping these very first pieces – you’ll be supporting the work of innovation and a circular fashion industry. The technique, which is still under development, is currently used on a small scale. Vividye’s vision for the near future is to scale up and become the market leader in circular textile printing. We definitely want to be a part of this solution, and hope the feeling is mutual! Together, we can create the fashion of tomorrow. Get inspired and read more about Vividye here:

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The best way to care for your new garment and preserve its printed design is to wash it as little as possible, and then at low temperatures. Because this is the very first edition of garments made with this unique printing method, the garment shade can become somewhat lighter after washing.

The collection is available online only, and in a limited supply.