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New seasons mean new accessories! At Gina Tricot you can find kids accessories in many different colours and patterns! Choose from bags, hats, sunglasses and lots of other little things! All our Gina Mini products are unisex, so there are great kids accessories for both girls and boys. Complete your child's outfit with fun and colourful accessories from Gina Tricot Mini!

Kids sunglasses and cap to protect against the sun's rays

Summer, sun and warm times! Kids spend a lot of time outdoors and thus it becomes important that they are protected from the sun's strong UV rays. With us you can find cool sunglasses for kids in many different colors and models. Style a pair of lovely and colourful kids sunglasses with a dress or a pair of shorts and t-shirt for a fresh summer look!

Sometimes, sunglasses are not something that goes down well with kids and they prefer a cap instead to protect themselves from the sun's rays. In our range, you can find caps in many different colours and designs to suit all summer activities, whether it's playtime at preschool or a visit to the beach. Choose a blue cap or a red one and match it with our other colourful children's clothing from Gina Mini.

Bags and backpacks kids

Of course, kids should have their own backpack or bag to put their favourite things in. At Gina Tricot you can find backpacks, small bags and gym bags. A gym bag is the perfect bag for sports activities. Another type of bag that's also great for field trips or preschool is the backpack, which has a lot of different compartments! A backpack usually comes with adjustable straps which means it will last a long time no matter how much your child grows. Buy your kids bag or backpack from us at Gina Tricot and fill it with tasty snacks and toys that just have to go with you.

Kids hat and mittens

As the autumn and winter season approaches, it's time to get your child's warming accessories. We have beanie hats for both kids and baby in many colors and materials. During the fall, a thinner knit beanie is preferred, but during the winter, a warmer beanie is essential. There are beanie hats with brushed interiors or knitted hats to keep your head and ears warm. Match a ribbed hat and mittens for kids with a warm and cosy winter jacket and get your kids ready for winter play!

Shop backpack kids and other kids accessories at gina tricot

Get inspired by the season's lovely colours and shop for kids' accessories at Gina Tricot! New items are coming in every now and then, so don't forget to check out our range from time to time to see if you can find something you need! We offer very fast delivery times. Order your kids hat or cap today and receive it in a few days. Mix and match different kids accessories and make your child's outfit complete!