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Falling in love with mom jeans. Again. The 80s trend makes a comeback when this IT silhouette takes centre stage in your jeans wardrobe. Take your cue from Bianca Ingrosso and fall in love with retro jeans styles for fall: high waist, new washes and high pockets in back. And, all our jeans are manufactured in more sustainable cotton! 

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Give your favourites extra love and care. Here are some smart & easy tips for taking care of your jeans and ensuring that they last even longer. Following them is also good for the environment! Try it and see! 

– Turn your jeans inside out before washing
– Don’t use fabric softener – it’s better for the environment and it also help your jeans retain their stretch 
– Hang your jeans up to dry rather than using the dryer
– Usually, you can just freshen up your jeans by airing them out rather than washing them. Try it!
– You can put your jeans in the freezer over night – it’s a great way to freshen them up without the wear-n-tear of washing.

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