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Blue Suede Choker with Multilayer Chain
4.98 EUR 9.95 EUR
Rose Gold T-Bar Choker
9.95 EUR


Accessorize With A Choker

Accessories really compliment your outfits and the right ones can get your outfit from a six or a seven to a full ten! The choker does this job perfectly with minimal effort.

Is The Choker Back?

The resurgence of the choker flooded the fashion scene and came to claim the neck accessory throne by force. We have seen quite a number of 90's fashion accessory come-backs but the choker has taken the spot light. The black choker accessories have been exhausted but it is time to move beyond the 90's. The fashion scene has witnessed a number of choker style necklaces taking the scene. They have ranged from minimal choker styles to dainty layers of necklaces. Some abstract fashionistas have taken the choker to a whole other level with some of them wearing chokers of different materials such as jeans and lace. Fashion models, celebrities as well as vloggers and bloggers can be seen rocking this stylish fashion piece. One thing's for sure, chokers are not leaving the scene anytime soon.

The Choker - A Must Have Accessory

If you are a fashion slave, then the Gina Tricot choker collection will have all the fashion cells in your blood pumping. Thier wrap chokers are extremely versatile and you can find quite a number of them made from different materials including a suede, faux leather, string, or even a velvet necklace choker. These chokers give a more Bohème vibe since they have to be tied and tassels are left hanging down. Their lace choker collection is rather elegant and sexy as well. Coupling some of their chokers will give you a rather chic look and this is excellent for a night out with friends. Attention will be drawn to your neck as well as making it look elongated. Think it's time we signed up for modelling.

Choker Online at Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot offers a wide array of fashion accessories such as chokers. Their collections include custom pieces as well as the classic collar choker. Whatever your style is, you will definitely find something that fits your preferences. Their collections also cater for occasions and whether it's a night out with friends or an end year office party, they have got you covered. They also have quick 3 - 5 day deliveries so you don't have to worry about not having an outfit for that crash event.