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At Gina Tricot you'll find the season's trendiest body jewellery for a personal style. Discover our range of beautiful and cool body jewellery such as hand jewellery, foot jewellery, body chains and other jewellery. We have many models so you can find your personal favourite. Give your look that little extra with a really stylish piece of jewellery.

Body chain – body jewellery

With a body chain for a tight top or dress, you can create a unique personal style. Body chains can be simple single chains, multiple chains hanging draped. A body chain can be worn in many different ways as a simple necklace on the front or back, crossed, as a halter neck version, as butterfly wings on the front or back, around the waist as a belly chain, around the hips, as a wallet chain at one front pocket of the trousers and several other options. It is only your imagination that sets the limits to how you choose to wear a body chain. A body chain is so beautiful in itself and to accentuate it in the best way to do it justice, you can wear it with simple black dress or a simple tank top and jeans. Discover our range of different body chains in gold, silver and rhinestones in different lengths and number of chains.

Wallet chain

With a wallet chain, you can spice up your trousers or skirt with a trendy piece of jewellery on your hip. A wallet chain can be attached to the pocket or waistband of a pair of trousers or a skirt.

Waist jewellery - belly chain and belly button jewellery

In addition to a versatile body chain that can be worn around the waist, there are specially shaped waist jewellery items that are stylish to wear around the waist or hips. Belly chains are often draped with several chains or other decorations that hang beautifully around your waist. For those who like to wear belly chains, there are also stylish and trendy belly button jewellery to complement your outfit.

Ankle chain

Top off your summer or party look with a stylish and trendy ankle chain. Foot jewellery such as teardrop rings and ankle jewellery are especially popular in summer when you can go bare-legged or with open shoes, but an ankle chain works just as well for party outfits. Decorate your ankle with one of our stylish ankle chains with or without decorative charms and details.

Trendy and classic jewellery

A necklace that enhances the style of your top and a different and beautiful ring or large trendy earrings for a stylish understated outfit. Of course, we also have trendy and classic jewellery in our range for those who want to match their look with necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. It's the jewellery that adds that little extra to your look and helps you to bring out your unique and personal style.

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Body jewellery and classic jewellery is an easy way to express your personality. Complement your outfit with well-chosen jewellery. At Gina Tricot, you will find a wide range of women's jewellery in several varieties for fashion-conscious girls and women. We offer fast delivery, free shipping and free returns to store. Visit Gina Tricot online often to check out the latest fashion trends.