Frida balcony bra
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Balconette Bra


Experience An Uplift With Balconette Bra

Balconette bra gives you a natural uplift. It is classy and stylish and goes with any kind of blouse or dress, making your cleavage look better than ever.

Excellent Allure With Balconette Bra

The unlined sheer bra has a single thin piece of fabric on each cup. It looks very nice on the body and provides suitable support and comfort for the bust at the same time. It does not shape your bust as much as other bras would but gives you a more natural look. This kind of bra is light and soft, has less fabric and is very alluring. It comes in a variety of types, such as balconette bra sets, lace bras, full coverage ones, and many other forms. Any woman, with any breast shape and size, can wear it. Wearing such things make you feel chic, classy, and seductive. The balconette bra, in particular, has a good push-up effect, which is not as obvious as when wearing a regular push-up bra with hard cups. It is great under summer dresses and blouses with deep cleavage.

Balconette Bra – The Modern Allurement

There are many different bras that fit perfectly and are seamless under even the tightest clothes, but what if you also want a push-up effect? The push up balconette bra is a great choice to make your bust look fuller and keep the appearance natural. A hard cup bra is not the only way of achieving a good push up effect. Balconette bras give you a nice shape, holding the bust from the bottom of the bra cup. It's a good and chic alternative to a regular push up bra. Pick a lace one and wear it with a see-through shirt for an even more seductive look or wear it under a t-shirt with a deep cleavage – the choice is yours! This bra goes with anything!

Balconette Bra Online At Gina Tricot

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