Tights Are A Must Have

Ladies we all know that the most adaptable item in our closet is our tights. No casual or evening outfit is complete without a glimpse of sheer black glamour, and they are indispensable in every wardrobe.

Types Of Tights

Tights come in all sorts of styles, designs and fabrics and Gina Tricot brings a large selection to choose from. Depending on the occasion, the season, and what kind of fashion girl you are, there is a perfect pair. The denier number represents how sheer the tights are, with higher deniers being thicker than the rest. If you are looking to go to work, you can match up a skirt with 60 denier tights and heels to make an impressive and comfortable outfit. For that on trend look, Paula fishnet tights come in black and white, providing the simplest way to rock tights under ripped jeans. Dottie and Fanny rose tights are available for girls looking to have an extra dose of personality and sparkle on their outfits.

Ideas For Wearing Trendy Tights

When putting together an outfit with tights, you have to consider the denier. Sheer black tights are considered a girl's best friend since they add a sensual touch to any outfit and go with everything. Whether you're going to a picnic or dinner in a chic short skirt, these tights are sure to complete any look. With higher denier or opaque tights, you get to style your outfits for a more mature or business-oriented fashion. Match them up with chunky knits or a classy leather jacket and some pointed heels to make your legs look longer. Make a statement with patterned tights or wear them under jeans and shorts. You might as well get yourself some footless leggings too, and some nice looking running shoes, to achieve that summer fashion style.

Tights Online At Gina Tricot

When looking for a reliable and quality brand, Gina Tricot is your one stop shop. With an impressive collection that is updated daily according to demand and changing trends, you are sure to find what you're looking for online. What's more, you get super customer service, safe payment options and quick deliveries in 3-5 days. So whether it is fashion stockings or tights you are looking to purchase, you can revamp your wardrobe for a cool new look at affordable prices.