Bomber Jacket: A Classic Urban Look

The bomber jacket at Gina Tricot is available in cosy, classic and urban styles. Everyone who wears them will feel trendy yet elegant, with a style that is unique to Gina Tricot only.

Bomber Jacket At Competitive Prices

Trending this season are classic and urban bomber jackets that are suitable for both summer and winter. Gina Tricot has a collection ranging from cotton and polyester to glamorous satin. Rock that party with the Candice black satin with pink floral sequins, satin pink by Evy, or Beverly's satin pink with printed sleeves. There is also an exclusive collection for those who love bomber jacket fashion in gorgeous, dazzling sequins. They are a treat to wear on special occasions. You can team the look with light blue denim jeans for that perfect party day style. For winters warmers, you will love the cosy cotton collection in subtle hues. These winter jackets for ladies also include a classic grey jacket that will complement any outfit.

Bomber Jacket Means Perfect Style

The female bomber jacket is the latest tomboy or vintage look for any fashion slave from Y generation. Wear blue satin with scrunched loose sleeves for the newest style frenzy. The fashion critiques recommend wearing bomber jackets in a natural and funky way that makes you look confident enough to hit the streets. You can wear them with short skirts, striped jeans, or even shorts to enjoy a different look every day. They will carry you effortlessly from afternoon to evening and perk up any outfit with a touch of urban glamour. For the sophisticated look, they match perfectly with the long slit or ruffled skirts. You can wear them on any occasion for a comfortable style, so check out Gina Tricot for the newest arrivals.

Bomber Jacket Online At Gina Tricot

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