Women's Blazers

Long, short or oversized?

Going out for fun, eating lunch with family, or even going to work? Blazers allow you to customise your look for whatever occasion with an effortless edge. At Gina Tricot you will find blazers in a variety of styles. Long, short or oversized - which is your favourite?

Types Of Blazers

Blazers have a way of making most everyday outfits stand out. Simply throw it over the outfit you've picked for your day or night time escapades, and you are trending in a flash! They're the icing on the cake, so to speak. This is because they give those who see you, the feeling that looking good is what you are best at. Blazers come in many shapes, colours, sizes and designs, what makes a blazer the perfect fit for you, may not be the same case for your friend so a variety of choice is important. Choose a blazer that you feel comfortable in, whether you would like to wear your blazers with dresses, or if you prefer to pair your blazers with shorts. Feeling great is part of looking great!

How To Wear Blazers

Nowadays, what you wear is all about the latest hot fashion trends; amongst the many currently out there, is wearing a blazer. In particular, the new trend is loose fitting blazers. Most people feel that this is difficult to wear, but they're wrong. Dressing up in a loose fitting blazer for that sought after look isn't at all hard. If you are looking to pair your blazer with a dress, you can. A short flowing dress would match well with a belted, loose fitting blazer for a relaxed, daytime look. If you would rather the look that comes with shorts or trousers, go ahead. You can add the blazer over fitting shorts, chino trousers or even jeans for an official or night time look.

Blazers Online at Gina Tricot

Wondering where to begin your search for that chic yet simple blazer? Visit the Gina Tricot website and see what's on offer. They have new arrivals every day to help you trail blaze the fashion scene. In addition to that, they offer safe payments for purchases made and quick deliveries. Once you've made your purchase, your order will only take between 3-5 days to arrive at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Get fashionable and trendy outfits today!