Our design team is at the core of Gina Tricot and our clothing production. The ability to identify future trends is essential to all fashion companies. For this reason, our designers and buyers take inspirational trips to places where the trends are evolving. Their impressions are then gathered and used to create guidelines for our collections. You can see the results of all of this in our stores – simple, inclusive fashion that reflects the current trends.


Because we relate to our customers, we can offer the key items and accessories that they demand, without complicating things. Each day, we ask ourselves: Would you wear this yourself? What items would you match with it? However, besides offering a wide selection, you also need to have a special flair and the right instincts. It's both demanding and fun ensuring that the silhouettes, colours and quality are in sync, along with all the planning to ensure that the right items, reflecting the right trends, are in stores at the right time.


A decision on lead time is made every time an order is placed. A longer lead time is required for basic items that will be manufactured in large quantities, compared to what is required for smaller quantities of more exclusive garments. We are able to get our unique collections into stores as quickly as two weeks after the designs have been created. In our work with the collections, key success factors are flexibility and flawless logistics. Manufacturing takes place in Europe and Asia and we adapt the collections to the preferences of our customers.


We are working more than ever on our concept in order to meet the growing demand from our new markets. We put considerable effort into creating complete collections so that our customers can easily match our garments and accessories. Our collections contain everything from best-selling basics to the latest trends, but always with a feminine touch. We are women designing for other women, so our point of departure is always this: fashion is, and should always be, fun and appealing to everyone.