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Knitted sweaters - fits everything.

In our category Knitted sweaters there are a plethora of variants to choose from. There is something for everyone, no matter what you combine them with.

Are knit sweaters for me?

The knitted sweater is a must in every wardrobe. It can be combined infinitely which makes it a practical garment. The fact that it is nice with a thick or thin knit sweater makes it even more a must-have in the wardrobe. In winter you can wear a slightly thicker knit sweater with a warm jacket and in spring it fits well with a little thinner under the spring jacket. Cool summer evenings you just pull the sweater over the summer dress and you get trendy and warm without any great effort. Combine with a pair of stylish sneakers and, if necessary, a pair of thin leggings under the dress.

How to wash a knitted wool sweater?

Always follow the wash thread in the sweaters. Most sweaters should be washed gently at around 30 degrees. Do not tumble them, as they can become messy and ugly. Let your sweaters lie down and dry so they keep the fit longer. If the sweater is not particularly dirty, it is enough to hang it out for airing overnight.

Bass wardrobe with sweaters

We recommend that you invest in at least one of our knitted sweaters as they are trendy, stylish and beautiful. But we also think that you should have several other sweaters in the wardrobe so that you have a wide choice to combine with. There are so many nice sweaters in many different colors. We recommend that you use sweaters with a boxy fit when you want to express a relaxed style, preferably together with a pair of stylish jeans. A figure-fitting sweater is a good fit for a nice skirt with a little width and then you should wear one with full sleeves as it is nice to have a party with a pair of nice pants or a skirt.
Whether you want thin sweaters or thick knitted polo shirts, we have the look for you. Pick and choose from all our stylish sweaters in different materials, colors and designs. In our range you can choose between cable knit, rib knit, plain knit and with or without v-ring. How about bats, floral details or floral embroidery? We also have organic cotton sweaters for those who are extra environmentally conscious. Look in today so you don't miss any of our news!