This where you can read more about our cooperation and sponsoring agreements. We closely cooperate with our partner, UNICEF, and we are involved in numerous sporting and design collaborations.


Since 2011, Gina Tricot has been involved in education for the youngest children of Bangladesh. We support 150 preschools in the districts of Dhaka, Narayanganj and Gazipur and help more than 22,000 children aged 4-5 years obtain access to education. The project involves an investment of just over SEK 20 million over a six year period. During the year, we have also had a number of store campaigns to provide additional support to UNICEF. In total, we collected SEK 2.7 million in 2015. Read more


Sustainable development is all about the next generation. For this reason, we provide financing to 150 preschools in Bangladesh, thereby giving 22,000 children the opportunity of attending school. Would you also like to help? When you shop, please make a donation, where 100% of the proceeds goes to UNICEF. Read more


We’re proud of the support we give to sustainable cotton farming through Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), thereby helping create a better future for society. It is a project that provides training to tens of thousands of cotton farmers in more sustainable methods of cotton farming. It covers everything from water and fertilizer use to insect control. The goal is not to create organic cotton. Rather, it is to help improve cotton production on a larger scale and improve the conditions for cotton producers.


It is an international Accord aimed at making the Bangladesh clothing factories safer. Gina Tricot signed the Accord, which is a collaboration between international and local unions, clothing companies and trade organizations, in October 2013. The Accord resulted from a number of tragic factory disasters in Bangladesh, in particular, the Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh), which happened in April 2013, killing 1,129 workers. More than 1,600 factories are covered by the programme. Three types of inspections are conducted at each factory (building, fire and electrical safety), after which they work with action plans to implement improvements.


Together with some thirty other Swedish textile and leather companies, we are taking part in the Sweden Textile Water Initiative, STWI. The aim is to learn more about the water impact of textile and leather manufacturing. STWI has developed guidelines for sustainable water use in the production process and as part of the STWI Project, these guidelines are being implemented by some of our production units.


A network of around 100 Nordic textile and fashion companies meet to learn more about the legal requirements and chemicals, along with exchanging information on responsible use of chemicals.


As part of the CanopyStyle campaign Gina Tricot is together with other companies in the industry working towards a supply chain free of viscose from ancient and endangered forests. Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, make their supply chains more sustainable and help protect our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet. Read more about CanopyStyle at www.canopystyle.org


The Good Project is all about Gina Tricot's sustainability and environmental efforts. The project takes a holistic approach and it focuses on issues having to do with CSR, sustainability and quality control. READ MORE HERE Read more