Women’s handbags

Looking for a new trendy, festive or everyday handbag? Then you've come to the right place! At Gina Tricot, you'll find handbags in a variety of colours and styles to successfully match every single outfit – casual or festive. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our range, so if you didn't find your favourite today, it might appear tomorrow!

The right handbag for your outfit

A handbag can elevate an entire outfit; therefore, we have a wide range of choices in terms of colour, design, and size to match your needs and outfit. We have handbags in neutral colours such as black, beige, and white so that you can easily match your outfits. However, if you want to spice up your colourless outfit or go all out on colour, we have something for you too. Why not go for a bag that's blue, green, or pink? Add more colour to both work and parties!

Bags with great storage

A handbag is not only stylish or enhances your outfit but also very practical for both every day and parties. Going out for the evening in your mini dress without pockets? Don't worry, you can easily solve that with one of our handbags. Keep your essentials in your bag so you don't have to carry everything in your hands. We have both large and small handbags that we hope will meet your needs!

Buy your handbag online or in store

So, what are you waiting for? Shop your next handbag from us at Gina Tricot today! Visit one of our stores or order online. Don't forget that we offer free shipping and returns to our stores. Happy shopping!