Gloves & hats - both function and fashion online at Gina Tricot

Gloves & hats are essential in winter to keep from freezing but it's also an easy way to touch up your outfit. In warmer months, there are many hats and caps you can wear.

Spice up your style with gloves & hats

Gloves and hats are not only essential to keep from freezing on chilly days, they're also a way to complete your outfit at a low price. Make sure you have a few different sets so you can match all your outerwear. We have a great selection so you can always find something that fits. A pair of leather gloves goes with everything and is perfect for both the more preppy look and when you want to look a little tougher. For a more cute look, you can choose a pair of knitted ones. Match with a hat in the same style.

Taking care of hats and gloves

First of all, always follow the washing instructions on the garment. Hats and gloves don't need to be washed very often, but when you do, it's a good idea to use a lower temperature. Leather gloves are convenient as they only need to be wiped.

Caps and hats for warmer days

Even on warmer days, it's important to dress your head. Headwear protects against both heat stroke and the sun's rays. They're also indispensable for a bad hair day. Caps are the perfect choice for casual wear and for the workout or walk outside. Here you will find several models in different colours to match your other outfits. A hat is also a great option and comes in a variety of styles to suit most styles. A trendy straw hat is beautiful both with a summer dress and with the ever-hot bohemian look. In other words, perfect for all the festivals of the summer! Match it with a pair of big sunglasses.

At Gina Tricot you will find a wide range of hats and gloves at great quality. You'll also find caps and hats in various styles. There is something for every occasion and taste. Whether you need a training cap or a pair of warm gloves, you're sure to find your new favourite. And at a great price, so you can update your wardrobe cheaply and easily.