Sandals for the season

Among Gina Tricot's sandals category you will find a wide range of spring and summer novelties. In the range you will find trendy sandals, sandals, mules, strappy sandals, slippers and flip-flops for women in all the colours of the rainbow. Sandals are a must-have for everyone's summer wardrobe and one pair is rarely enough. One tip is to match the detail of the sandals with your accessories for a stylish all-over look. There's nothing like the wonderful feeling of putting away autumn and winter shoes when spring arrives and replacing it with spring and summer's new footwear. In summer, you want the simplicity and freedom that you get from sandals and slippers. A wonderful feeling is when the wind comes cooling among your feet as you walk on the hot beach promenade abroad or along the coast.

Sandals with heel

Heeled sandals are a more feminine and elegant style of sandal that are perfect for wearing around town, in the office, at the beach or on holiday.

Gina Tricot has sandals that are both high heeled and low heeled with slip in designs so you can easily slip the sandal on and off. There are several different styles of heels such as stiletto heels and wedge heels.

Extend the life of your sandals

Taking care of your sandals will extend the life and good looks of your sandals. It can be a good idea to either store them on a shelf or in a cupboard and to keep them clean. If you are going to wash your sandals, it is important to read up on what material they are made of and choose a product for the material.

Buy sandals online

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