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Shop for Christmas presents and outfits for home girls, mingles, Christmas parties and New Year's parties

Winter holidays and holidays for Christmas and New Year offer many opportunities to dress up and socialize for mingles, dinners, Advent drinks, Christmas parties and New Year's parties. At Gina Tricot you will find stylish outfits for all occasions where you want to be trendy, stylish or glittery. We also have warm and cozy homewear for the evenings and weekends at home and the most appreciated Christmas presents on your own and your friends' wish lists.

Find your outfit for Christmas's lovely Christmas parties and mingle

The nicest holiday of the year is soon here and whether you are going for a simple Christmas party or you are invited to a big Christmas party or mingle, we at Gina Tricot have something for all styles. Be well in time for shopping this year's Christmas dress for the time goes by and there is much else to be done. Check out our range of stylish dresses for the next party and order your favorite before it runs out. You will find both trendy, stylish and glittery dresses for all kinds of events during winter dinners and Christmas parties.

Celebrate the New Year with a really stylish dress

New Year's Eve is the day of the year when we can all dress up exactly how much we want without it getting too much. Celebrate the New Year with a really stylish New Year's dress, whether you are going to a quiet New Year's dinner or invited to the most glamorous New Year's party. Find your very special New Year's dress from our range of party dresses for all styles, whether you want to be trendy, glamorous or just classically stylish in a more understated dress.