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At Gina Tricot you can shop the basics for a well-stocked bass wardrobe. Shop linen, t-shirts, sweaters and many other basic garments online. With good basic garments in your wardrobe you can easily mix and match these with other trendy fashion garments to create many different outfits.

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We can not get too much of comfortable and comfortable base garments that are soft and well-fitting. The fact that they are so nice is also often the reason why they become our favorites in the wardrobe. The base garments are also our favorites because they fit everything. Let them be the basis of your trendy outfit and match with key garments from the latest trends and complement with accessories. The basis for a stylish outfit lies in a wardrobe with a good set of stylish and stylish basic clothes. Stylish base clothes can be worn as they are and give you a really stylish and stylish look. They can also be combined with other basic clothes, with your trendy fashion garments and also used to tone down a blouse or skirt so as not to give an overly-dressed style. A stylish top from your base wardrobe can be worn as it is with a trendy necklace or with a beautifully patterned scarf. With various jewelery and accessories you can get a complete outfit with basic garments from your wardrobe. Good base clothing that you really need in your base wardrobe is top, linen, t-shirt and thick sweater in black, white and preferably one in discreet color like beige or powder pink. These options each work individually with nice pants or skirts and the tops can also be worn under a mesh top or a slightly open shirt. A white shirt is a must in your base wardrobe and a pair of jeans with a good fit. Complement the base wardrobe with black suit pants and a simple black dress. Then you need a good set of socks and panties as well. Here it is important to invest in good basic garments when choosing a panty and stocking. If your clothes are not comfortable, it will be difficult to feel comfortable in the rest of your outfit. Invest in quality for your base garments.

durable material

As much as 57% of all our products are made of more durable materials. Many of our base garments are made of more durable cotton, which extends the life of your garment. Sustainability is something that permeates our entire business from design to finished product at Gina Tricot. We work with sustainable materials with as little impact on the environment as possible. Shop basics online at Gina Tricot Fill your wardrobe with good basic clothes that you can style with the latest fashion trends. Shop basics online at Gina Tricot from our large selection where you will surely find something that suits your personal style. Choose from several colors, designs and models and shop basics. When you shop online at Gina Tricot you will receive your order in just a few days and we offer free shipping and free returns to the store. We regularly get new exciting fashion so don't miss to check out with us at Gina Tricot often.