Women's Swimsuits

Get Into Gear with A Swimsuit

When you invest in trendy summer swimsuit styles, you’ll be stylishly cool with one designed to suit your shape. The secret to feeling confident around the pool is to dress for your shape.

Totally On-Trend High Top Swimsuit

Stick to flattering styles this Summer with the high top swimsuit. This is a swimwear trend for Summer 2017/18 and adds a little more protection for you when swimming. cute women's swimsuit is a modern cut to keep you in fashion and looking unique and different. Don’t stress, because if you find looking for a good-looking swimsuit a tiresome process because of your D+ boobs, don’t try and squeeze into something smaller, as these full top styles will offer comfort, support and style for lounging on the sand or surfing in with the waves. Whether you take an amazing one-piece or a bikini, the high-top swimsuit can be exciting and unusual, and with different looks and fabrics, they are totally on trend.

Shine On In A White Swimsuit

An all white swimsuit against a tanned body is guaranteed to give your looks an instant lift. If you are slim and trim, why not go with a body-hugging strapless swimming costume in white and look your most glamorous? Strapless swimsuits are one of the hottest swimsuit trends and you will be able to concentrate on your golden tan without worrying about shoulder straps. The best part about modern swimsuits is that they encourage everyone to be enjoying themselves, to conquer body embarrassments and find the costume that focuses on your most eye-catching parts. Whatever your shape, there are swimsuits for casual wear, for lap swimming or even for racing, and bathing costumes this summer make the of your assets.

Swimsuit Online at Gina Tricot

There’s nothing easier than shopping online for your swimsuit. Take your pick from ladies bikini sets or other swimsuits online at Gina Tricot, a Swedish fashion chain offering exciting fashion for women the world over. You can count on this online store to provide a swimsuit that will make you stand out. Made from different fabrics, some come with bra pads in, some without, some with straps, others strapless. They’re always in bright, trendy colors and you can pick a flattering swimsuit and stride out in style.