Mini Dresses

Mini dresses, or also called short dresses, are the garment that you easily throw on no matter what the occasion is. The mini dress has long been a part of the fashion world but 2024 is the year it will really take hold! In the mini dresses category, we gather all our short dresses in different colours, models, and materials for the summer. Discover the latest news and buy your favourite today!

Style your mini dress

Don't know how to style your dress? Don't worry, here are some styling tips! In spring/summer, you can dress up your mini dress with a pair of high heels, a stylish accessory, or a trendy blazer. Many people may think that mini dresses are only for spring/summer, but they can be worn in autumn/winter as well. Style with a pair of tall boots or a warm coat and you'll have the perfect autumn look while staying warm. Buy your next outfit for everyday or party at Gina Tricot.

Variety of styles

Our mini dresses, like all our other dresses, also come in a variety of colours, styles and materials. This is because we want everyone to feel that there is a mini dress to suit everyone's individual style and taste. Something that has become very popular in recent years is the puff sleeve, a stylish detail that can elevate a simple dress to become a little more festive. However, if you don't prefer the puff sleeve, we of course have other options for you to choose from.

Another trend that has blossomed a lot this year is that there should be a lot of colours, and you can of course find this here at Gina Tricot. In the range you will find both colourful and plain dresses but also dresses in different patterns and colours. Shop online or run to your nearest store and catch the trend today!