All About Shorts

What's a summer without a pair of good shorts? At Gina Tricot online find the right pair for you, depending on your fashion preferences and sense of style. Pick a model, size, and design, and leave the rest to us.

From High Waisted To Dress Shorts

The greatest thing about Gina Tricot online shop is that you can find models for all body shapes and style preferences. That also goes for a good pair of shorts. Gina Tricot offers a full spectrum of models from cute high waisted shorts for a girly, retro vibe, to dress shorts for women when you feel like pulling off that subtle, elegant style. Either way, Gina Tricot covers all your fashion ideas and inspires you to make new ones. A variety of models is followed by a diversity of materials - from denim for casual every day look, to silk and linen for more formal events during hot summer days and evenings. With the right pair of shoes and a perfect top, a pair of casual shorts can transform into the perfect fashion statement.

When Fashion Meets Summer - Shorts

Speaking of summer fashion style the greatest comeback is probably the cute high waisted shorts. Pretty quickly the style has taken over the streets and your social media pages. Best accompanied with crop tops gives a win-win situation fashion wise. The 80's vibe is strong during summer days thanks to this cute piece. Emphasising the waist while elongating those tanned legs. On the side of retro elegance, there are dress shorts for women, combined with long sleeved shirt, flats, and a cute little shoulder bag; these pieces make a perfect formal combination during hot summer days. For a more soft look you can wear a pair of jogger shorts or for some extra comfort a pair of biker shorts. Whatever you choose, a statement will be made, so all you have to do is embrace the summer and your beauty. Depending on your personal preferences, create your style online with Gina Tricot.

Shorts Online At Gina Tricot

If you're looking for high fashion solutions, mixed with affordable prices and fast delivery, you found the right place. Explore your style and beauty with Gina Tricot. Pick pieces that fit your personality and become a fashion icon. Take the path of authenticity, build your visual identity, find out what suits your inner beauty and make it visible through our clothes. Whether you are a chic lady exuding style and class or a modern rebellious hippy, may your clothes match your true self.