Women’s mini skirts

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Mini skirts are a garment that is considered typically feminine and come in many different varieties, both in terms of materials, colours, and patterns. We have everything from casual skirts to fine skirts in our range.

Update your wardrobe now

Update your wardrobe with a stylish mini skirt. A mini skirt is not age-specific and is suitable for all ages. With us you'll find all kinds, for all occasions. For the party, for the beach or a jeans skirt for every day. We recommend that you have several variations in your wardrobe depending on the occasion. You might want some casual skirts to vary the shorts within the summer and then you might want some fancier skirts to wear to parties. It's a garment you can wear all year round although many people think of it as a summer garment. In autumn and winter, you can wear tights or thicker leggings underneath and be trendy, fashion conscious and smart.

How to wash your skirt

Skirts are washed in different types of washing programmes depending on the material and whether there are any embellishments such as embroidery, sequins or similar on it. Just follow the washing instructions on the label inside each skirt and your skirts will stay beautiful for a long time. Some skirts can be tumble dried while others should be dried lying down or hung to dry on a washing line.

A plain miniskirt or a ruffled one - which do you choose?

We suggest that you have a variety of mini skirts in your wardrobe. Should you choose plain or patterned? Plain skirts are easy to mix and match but we think you should have at least one patterned skirt in your wardrobe. With a patterned skirt, you can easily wear a plain top with it. Mini skirts work perfectly with bare legs, a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket. Denim is a beloved fabric, and a pair of denim skirts is a good and trendy investment. Nothing can elevate a short denim skirt like a pair of tan bare legs. We have different variations – choose from skirts with buttons on the front, A-line shaped, worn or just plain without any frills. Discover our wide range of stylish mini skirts and find your favourite. Give your mini skirt a boost by wearing it in new and inspired ways.