Bodys From Chic to Casual

Starting its history as an athletic item bodysuits came a long way in conquering the fashion world. Gina Tricot covers a wide range of stylish pieces; here you can find casual, sport bodys as well as glamorous and chic ones.

Meet The Chameleons Of Fashion - Bodys

A stylish Body is probably the one piece of clothing with the highest power of transformation. On the Gina Tricot online shop you will find various models of bodys, elegant ones with ruffles or lace, long sleeved or with just a tiny strap on the shoulder. In all the varieties every single one of them emphasises the natural lines of your body. All the beauty and femininity comes to light, and we become aware once again of the old saying that - The body's a temple of the soul. No other piece gets so close to your body and still allows it to take part in your fashion expression. The diversity of colours, models and materials of the bodys in Gina Tricot fashion paradise provides an opportunity to combine the body with the rest of your look in so many ways. Once you accept that "the body's a wonderland" point of view, there will be no obstacles to your unique style.

Bodys From Gym To Glam

The Body has made a powerful fashion impact, so now we have the right to follow that great historical boom of bodysuit fashion. Whether as a detail of a stage diva or as a partially hidden piece under pants or a skirt, the body fashion item is a mighty friend of every girl. Speaking of friendships, what are Batman and Robin for the fictional world, tea and brownies to the world of hedonism, those are a bodysuit and skirt to the world of fashion. No wrong can be done there. Perfectly slick and smooth, without unwanted gathering around the waist, or untacking out of the skirt waist-line, these two make a perfect couple. That doesn't mean you can't pull off the great look with a bodysuit and jeans. Actually, the chicer the body in the jeans, the more style points for you, fashionista.

Bodys Online at Gina Tricot

Turn your chic mode on and dive into the global bodysuit trend by finding the perfect one for your style and figure here in Gina Tricot online store. Great prices and proved quality of products guarantee you'll be nothing less than satisfied with your purchase. Our proficient customer service is available for any additional questions you might have. We managed to make the search process easier with size guide, and colour palette. The hottest trends are just a few steps away from your wardrobe, Start your journey to the glorious world of fashion today.