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update the wardrobe with a crop top

Crop top is the fashion item that has come to a halt. These tops are available in many designs and models and show skin in a flattering and neat way.

fix the style with a crop top

If a crop top, or a so-called t-shirt, is not already in your wardrobe, it is high time you get one or more. This type of top is very easy to match and fits most garments in the wardrobe. For example, combine a jersey top with jeans and sneakers for a sporty look or put it together with a knee-length skirt to give a more sophisticated impression. The peaks are available in many different models and colors. It's just for you to choose your favorite. If you want a garment that is easily combined, it is good to choose a top in basic colors such as black, white and gray, but do not be afraid to venture into bold colors.

match cropped short sleeve tops

Many people resort to investing in a crop top because they do not want to show as much skin. However, it is easy to remedy that problem. Match your top with a high waist trouser or skirt. This way you are trendy but avoid feeling uncomfortable.

fix a perfect outfit for the party

When there are festivities going on and you are looking for a trendy and stylish outfit, a short sweater is your best friend. Crop tops are perfect and stylish tops for partying. With them you create a trendy outfit that is relaxed while being cool. Why not choose to match the top with a skirt in a lovely material? Have either the skirt or your top play the lead role. If the design of the skirt is advanced, you choose to match it with a simpler sweater and vice versa, thus creating a nice balance in your attire. Also, don't forget to put a pair of lovely heels on your feet, then you're ready for a party.
Gina Tricot has crop top in many different designs. For example, choose a crop top lace or one in comfortable and soft cotton to upgrade your wardrobe with. The range is renewed every day so don't forget to check in often. At Gina Tricot you shop safely and also get very fast shipping. Botanize among lots of trendy and stylish garments with us.