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don't forget your pants!

No matter how stylish and trendy your top is, it is nothing but a pair of matching pants. We have the skirts that fit both the shirt, the leopard top and the ringed linen!

trendy pants for everyone

Finding a few new favorite sunglasses doesn't have to be very difficult. We have a large range for all sizes and tastes. With us you will find everything from exhibit-, patterned- and figure-fitting pants to chinos and jeans. For those looking for trousers to wear in everyday life, we have several models that have already become so-called Gina Tricot "classics" and that are available in several colors. We also have the perfect summer trousers in wide model with a nice fit. Perfect for lazy days! With our handy size guide, we make online shopping easy. Take out the tape measure, measure the waist and thighs and match your dimensions with the table. This means that you minimize the risk of buying errors and instead can rejoice in your latest fashion finds!

take care of your sweatpants and suit pants

Many of our pants can be machine-washed together and on the same number of grades. To avoid discoloration, consider separating color and white wash. It's not so much fun when you take off a pair of pink pants that used to be white as snow! Cotton is washed in 40 degrees, as is polyester. Viscose pants are washed at low temperature and gently stretched after washing. To keep the fit of jeans, you should preferably avoid washing them too often. Instead, weather them after each use. The best thing you can do is to let your freshly washed pants air dry since tumble drying contributes to wrinkles, and who wants to spend unnecessary time ironing?

the right pants at the right time

A trouser should always sit comfortably. There is nothing worse than pants that snap on too hard or that cut into less flattering places. For the summer, the ultimate outfit is a white top and a pair of nice, wide patterned pants. With a pair of espadrillos on your feet, you can easily get from the beach to the after beach. With a pair of exercise pants in the wardrobe, you have no excuse to say no to the gym workout that you know will both give and take energy. A pair of stylish jeans and a loose-fitting shirt is an everyday look that never goes out of time. Choose a few favorites that you then combine with our stylish tops.
We have the latest fashion for your wardrobe, whether you are looking for suit pants or comfortable sweatpants! Gina Tricot offers everything from trendy outfits to comfortable workout clothes and our range is filled daily with hot news! You shop safely and securely online. Best of all? We always offer fast delivery so you can try your new outfit ahead of the weekend's bravado!