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We have a very small percentage of angora in a few items in our fall collection. Our policy is that all material derived from animals shall be produced in a way that does not cause suffering for animals.

The recent attention on the issue has led us to question the existing control systems in the textile industry. Are they really sufficient? Our conclusion is that they are not. Therefore, we have decided to no longer use angora, fur, feathers or leather in any of our products. The garments in these materials which are already produced will be sold, but the development of all new products will be done without the use of angora, fur, feathers and leather.

We have no indications of delinquencies regarding animals featured in the production of our own products – we are making this decision since we have been deeply outraged by the treatment of angora rabbits as revealed by the organization PETA's video. The video shows us the industry's need for better control systems based on common values regarding animal welfare. To meet this demand a clear commitment by firms is needed – hence our immediate decision.

By: Marcus Bergman,

The Good project involves the whole of Gina Tricot – it’s our way of embracing sustainability. At Gina Tricot’s headquarters, four of us are working with the project on a daily basis. CSR, sustainability and quality management are what we are specialized in.