Approximately 300 buildings in Sweden have Green Building certification. Gina Tricot's head office is one of them. In order to receive such certification, the building must use 25 % less energy than the ordinary requirements for new construction. That may sound easy, but energy savings of 25 % typically require major initiatives. Some of the initiatives are architectural, since the building needs to be designed in a way so that it doesn't have to be heated or cooled unnecessarily. The heating and ventilation system must also be designed and controlled in a particular way.


Our head office also has Svensk Miljöbas environmental certification. "For us, this provides a good tool for structuring our internal environmental efforts," explains Anna-Karin Wårfors. "Taking responsibility for the environment as we go about our daily work is important to those of us working at the office. For example, we make sure that we meet clear requirements on waste management, we conduct environmental studies and train our staff. In this way, we create enthusiasm for environmental issues in general as well!"




Gina Tricot is a young, female-dominated company. Linda Bååth is Head of HR. "For many of our employees, this is their first job and we know that we're a very popular employer. It's quite a big responsibility for us. We need to provide them with a good introduction to professional life. We offer a variety of employment alternatives. Some chose to work full-time, but others want to work part-time while studying. Some want to pursue a career in the fashion industry and we offer many opportunities. When it comes to the average term of employment (in years), which is a good indication of job satisfaction, we exceed our own goals. It's clear that our processes aimed at achieving a good work environment are successful!"