A Touch of India

Gina Tricot packed a bag and headed for India. Our final destination was the area called Gujarat, where the village of Siddhasar is located. This village is one of the recipients of an education programme that Gina Tricot supports, which focuses on increasing farmers' knowledge of sustainable cotton farming practices. Many of the farmers in the village grow so-called Better Cotton. 


We sat down for a long conversation with the farmers, who eagerly told us about all the improvements they've implemented based on the knowledge that they gained from the programme. Several farmers have replaced their pest control system with one that is entirely chemical-free. Other farmers told us about how they've saved both time, money, and, not least, natural resources, by switching to a new irrigation system.


More information is provided in the video, "Better Cotton Farming." You'll find it by clicking on India on the world map, which is in the Where section of The Good Project.


The women in the village were also pleased with how this has impacted their lives. They enthusiastically told us about how they no longer needed to join their husbands in the fields. Instead, they are able to work on other things and spend more time with their children. They are particularly happy that the family now has more money and is able to save.


It's a win-win situation for everyone!