Just now, we are releasing our sustainability report for 2014. It summarises what we and our collaborative partners are doing in the sustainability field.


"The sustainability report is important in many ways," says Anna-Karin Wårfors, Director of CSR. "It is a source of information for our partners, summarising our internal sustainability work and providing us with a black and white picture of the way the work is going and what we can improve on."


In this year's report some things stand out a little more – there has been a very great increase in the proportion of sustainable materials used in our collections, ending up at 11.3% 2014 – and that trend is continuing strongly in 2015. "Collaboration and a focus on everyday work is the explanation for these good results," says Marcus Bergman, Director of Sustainability. "We are a tight sustainability team that embraces production planning, sourcing and quality issues. When we work together on the products in working groups, we eventually achieve results – maintaining focus on everyday operational decisions is what really makes the difference when it comes to the materials."


On the CSR front, the work in Bangladesh continues to have been given priority. A lot of time and energy has been spent on the Accord, the international collaborative project that brings leading brands together to work towards making Bangladesh's textile factories safe. "The industry is here showing that it is taking responsibility," says Anna-Karin Wårfors. "Tens of thousands of actions have been carried out in the factories during the year, which shows that the challenges have been and still are huge in Bangladesh, but also that change is actually possible. We can see the same thing in our major social projects within the country, where we run 150 nursery schools in the slums of Dhaka together with UNICEF. Every day, thousands of children get a chance to have a better future in these nursery schools and it makes us really proud to be able to contribute to improvements on such a large scale!"