Gina Tricot's head office opened in 2010. The new building, designed by architect Gert Wingårdh, attracted much attention in Borås and there have been many newspaper articles written on it since, as well as it being featured in books on contemporary architecture.


"The first thing I think of is the view of Borås — you really can see the entire city.  And the light that we get inside is fantastic. It makes me very happy," says Camilla Olofsson, Head of Quality. "It is a tremendous change compared to our previous offices. We have an entire building adapted to our way of working, with collection rooms and an area for our materials library, where, for example, we collect material made of sustainable fibres."


About half of the staff at the head office commute from Gothenburg. For this reason, it is advantageous to be closely located to Central Station. "It is perfect that we are neighbours with the station," says Camilla. "These days, hardly anyone commutes by car. Now, we ride the bus!"


Because the office is in its own building, it is also more visible to the public – particularly in a relatively small city like Borås. "Many people are curious about what we do and when we hire new staff it has a positive impact. We're dependent on attracting talent and in that way, our building helps give us a competitive edge. It also has to do with sustainability – an attractive, modern building that has been planned down to the smallest detail makes is fun to come to work," says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability.