More about sustainable cotton

Cotton is one of the world’s most important crops and in many ways, it’s the very foundation of the clothing industry. Nevertheless, doubts remain about cotton. Chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used too frequently and in the wrong way. In many places, the high water consumption of cotton farming is also a problem.


At Gina Tricot, we want to ensure that the cotton used in our clothing has been acquired in a responsible way, with the lowest possible environmental impact. For this reason, we have joined the Better Cotton Initiative and we work with Organic Cotton to make sure that the cotton we use in our products comes from sustainable sources.


Better Cotton Initiative educates cotton farmers on the importance of children attending school, how to use agricultural chemicals in a responsible way and water conservation techniques. Farmers also learn alternative ways of getting rid of pests in the cotton fields.


In addition, Gina Tricot  works with organic cotton via certification programs like OCS (Organic Content Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides, i.e., chemical substances that are frequently used to get rid of pests, mainly parasites, in the cotton fields Organic cotton farmers rely on other methods, instead of chemical pesticides. Sustainable agriculture is thus possible when both crop rotation and natural fertilizers are used simultaneously.


Our goal is for our products to contain 100% cotton and to originate from sustainable sources by 2018.