Collaboration for better working conditions – “Accord on Fire and Building Safety”

Gina Tricot is a member of The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, which is an agreement between buyers of clothing from Bangladesh and factory owners, who are striving to make the country’s factories safer. The Accord resulted from a number of tragic factory disasters in Bangladesh, in particular, the Rana Plaza building collapse in Savar, Dhaka, which happened in April 2013, killing 1,129 workers.


Gina Tricot joined the Accord in November 2013. At present, more than 200 international companies have actively decided to join and strive for better, safer conditions in the clothing industry. Of the 200 companies belonging to the Accord, 16 are Swedish, 7 Danish, 3 Finnish, 3 Norwegian and 63 German. In total, 1,600 factories belong to the programme and nearly 114,000 deficiencies have been identified from the three types of inspections conducted at each factory (building, fire and electrical safety).


Gina Tricot currently has eight active suppliers in Bangladesh. All are covered by the Accord. Even the factories where Gina Tricot does not currently have any production, i.e. inactive factories, are covered by ongoing follow-up resulting from the inspection reports. However, sticking to the original schedule has been a major challenge. For example, fire exits and fire protection equipment has been imported from other countries and both inspections and approval of corrective measures have taken more time than what was allocated in the original plan.


In total, Gina Tricot’s suppliers have now corrected 69 per cent of deficiencies that were noted in the various inspections (the average for all companies belonging to the Accord is 55 per cent, as of October 2016).


More information is available at:
The Accord’s quarterly reports;  Progress | The Bangladesh Accord

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