Bring it back

Now it's easier to clean out your wardrobe and give to charity at the same time! During April, we will start collecting old clothes at all of our stores. Everyone is welcome to participate and we will accept any garments, not just ones previously purchased from Gina Tricot.

It is very easy to hand in your old clothes at our stores. Just put your garments in a sealed plastic bag and bring them to one of our stores. Our store employees will take the bags to the stockroom, where they will be transported to our partner, Human Bridge.


"A great way to clean out your wardrobe is by handing in clothes that are worn out or that you've grown tired of and by doing so, you help other people and the environment at the same time," says Marcus Bergman, Head of Sustainability.  "It feels simply great that we as a company, our customers and our partners can join together and contribute in this way. In order for textile recycling systems to make progress, we need to collect much larger amounts of garments than we do today, so we really need to get going!"