We often visit our suppliers throughout the world – but equally important is for our suppliers to visit us. That's why, this week, it's particularly exciting and interesting to see how we work. Over the coming days, most of our suppliers from Bangladesh are visiting our office in Borås. Our office manager from Dhaka, Ahsan Mahmood is also here, meeting with our sustainability group. Just as much English as Swedish is now heard around the coffee machine and the schedule of meetings is intense. 


“There are many details that must run smoothly in the production of clothing,” says Emma Garrote Fredman, Production Manager. “For this reason, it's important to meet and build a close relationship. While it's important for us to understand the culture in Bangladesh, it's equally important that our partners there understand the Swedish culture. Cultural exchange is a prerequisite for good results and even though great distances separate us, we still need to be in sync.”