Don’t Waste it!

We donate the leftover clothes from our stores to Human Bridge. Our cooperation began in 2009. Human Bridge coordinates material aid for the Läkarmissionen and Erikshjälpen organisations. The purpose of our cooperation is simply that excess clothes from us should be put to good use.


From a purely practical perspective, it works like this, our stores collect all excess clothes and send them to Human Bridge. Clothes and other material that is collected are sorted and packed at Human Bridge facilities.


Material is pressed into bales or packed in sacks for dispatch to projects around the world. Human Bridge uses any textiles that are not needed in direct aid efforts to generate revenue that can contribute to some of the costs they have for their consignments of medical supplies, for example.


"The reason we have chosen to work with Human Bridge in particular is that they have built up an efficient organisation that feels safe and secure, says Anna-Karin Wårfors. We also share the values of the interested parties. For example, Human Bridge works to encourage active participation by the local population in taking responsibility for the development of their community.


In Norway, we have an equivalent cooperation with the Fretex organisation.