Who doesn't love chocolate? Sometimes you need a quick boost of energy while shopping. But if you wind up with a chocolate stain, you need to act quickly! Find a ladies restroom with a sink. Then, scrape off the chocolate and soak the stain in warm, sudsy water. Do this again as soon as you get home. Then, wash the garment as you normally would.


Don't panic if you wind up getting red lipstick on your boyfriend's shirt (that you borrowed without asking...). First, soak the stain in methylated spirits. Then, wash the shirt using detergent with a bleaching agent and hang it to dry afterwards. After that, iron it well and flash your prettiest smile the next time you meet. "Look, sweetie! I washed your shirt for you!"


Red wine is delicious but removing these types of stains can be quite difficult.  If you happen to spill: Try covering the stain with fine-grain salt. Allow the salt to absorb the wine for about 30 minutes. Then, rinse with cold water. Next time, maybe you should opt for chardonnay, or why not champagne, if you're wearing light coloured clothes!