Future fabrics

One out of every three Gina Tricot garments is manufactured from sustainable materials. Our goal by 2028, when Gina Tricot will celebrate its 30th anniversary, is for all of our products to be manufactured from sustainable materials. Sustainable materials are those with the highest score in our own ranking process: organic cotton, Better Cotton Initiative, linen, Tencel®, ProViscose®, ProModal®, Lenzing Viscose and all recycled materials.


We are continually striving to increase the percentage of sustainable materials in our collection and are always on the lookout for new materials. To achieve 100%, we are very much dependent on the projected sales of our industry, so that new, innovative materials become commercially available.


“We’ve now broken through the 30% barrier, with one out of every three items in our collection now made from sustainable materials,” explains Emma Garrote Fredman, Production and Sourcing Manager. “It’s proof that our strategy and methods are working. We’ve also been successful in integrating the process of selecting materials into our sourcing and production model. Our local offices have taken on greater responsibility, which demonstrates that our training initiatives have been successful. Our suppliers are also demonstrating an increasing awareness of the value of sustainable materials, where choice of materials is an important component of close collaboration,” she says.


However, the environmental impact of a garment is not solely based on the materials it consists of. Use of the garment is also of considerable importance.


“Our tags provide care and use instructions, encouraging consumers to wash garments less often, and at lower temperatures. This is actually one of the best environmental tips we can offer. Don't wash unless it is absolutely necessary. Always fully load the machine and, whenever possible, select a low temperature. By doing so, you will also take better care of your garment,” says Anna Appelqvist, Purchasing and Design Manager.


Read more about our efforts in the area of material development in our sustainability report.